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Faster Cash Posting to your  Bank Account

                                 Record Imaging, check, envelope

                                                                           Daily Deposit Reporting

                                                                                                      Daily Automated File for Account Postings


6 Steps

2 Steps

How does it work? Why should you do this?

E-Lockbox automates your mailed in payment processing. Customers send their payments to the E-Lockbox provier where the entire mail contents are scanned in and available for review and printing. At the same time, the payment is deposited into your account. At the end of the day an automated File is available to download with all the transactions posted for the day,

Your current proceess requires someone in you office to sort the incoming mail, open the mail, seperate the mail, enter the payment transaction, print an end of day report, prepare a desposit ticket,  go to the bank and desposit the monies.  Why should you do this -- ALL OF THE ABOVE STEPS ARE ELIMINATED..

Your new process. Download the file from the bank, select your computer option to post payment batch. That's it YOU A RE DONE!!!   Think about the time savings, think about the reassignment of people to work on more critical services.  No more worries about postings not complete and a billing cycle is now due..

This process also  eliminates customer claims about postmarks. you can print the scanned image and provide this to the customer if necessary. 

What's involved?

  • Contact your bank and ask about e-lockbox services
  • Add OCR scan line to your bills
  • Have your programmer create a batch import function
  • If you use return envelopes, change the address to the bank
  • If you have a mail-in address, change the mail-in address to the bank

  • Let computers do the job they are best suited for.
  • Take away the mundane repetitive work. Reduce errors.
  • Reallocate your workforce to more important roles.