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The Future of Computing


Less Cost

Easier Management

Minimal down-Time


Remove Limititations


Better Performance

Single Point of Upgrade


Mangement from a single source. A Thin Client device does not include "points of failure" there are no disk drives, no memory chips, no network cards, no power pack.  These units are interface devices who's sole purpose is to connect to a Network and use Servers to access applications, printers, and storage devices. Should a ThinClient device fail, replacing it is a matter of unplugging the ethernet connection and plugging in a new device.  There is NO CONFIGURATION or software reloading necessary.

This environment is MOBILE, regardless where you sign-on , your desktop follows you.  There are no more desks with computers.  There are "WORKCENTERS"  and these centers are available to everyone with a Network login.  

Can you have individual desk-tops?  ABSOLUTELY!  each individual has a unique profile.  EVEN when working from home or a hotel room when you are traveling, even when attending a conference. 

Most operations have minimal IT Staff. Downtime causes  delays and the rebuild of inidividual work-stations could take days. This can cause posting and billing delays resulting in overtime and customer complaints. A Thin Client environment is a versatile environment. Users are not tied to any individual work-station.  This type of versatility also reduces the number of work-stations, in turn, reduced operating cost.  

Other benefits? Single point of upgrade. Example, a new version of Microsoft Office is announced, This evening you upgrade the software at the server level. Tomorrow morning, all Thin Client users are now upgraded. No need to to workstation to workstation.

Another scenario. How many times have you found users saving documents to the My Documnets folder, or to their desktop? Then one day, their computer crashes, The IT department scrambles to rebuild the computer only to find, the My Documents Folder and the Desktop are not on the daily backup. Sorry, nothing we can do. 

These concerns GO AWAY in a Thin Client environment